Monday, February 20, 2012

"Oreo" Cookies from Scratch

I have a recent addiction to Oreo cookies... particularly Golden Oreos. I think I've found a bit of happiness in cookie form. :) But as I've been enjoying my serving and a half of cookies (does anyone really stop at just two?), I've also been watching a Sue Becker healthy diet DVD which has gotten my inner health-nut giving my conscience a rough time. My solution to the Oreo dilemma? Make them! I thought that surely with all the marvelous cooks on the internet, someone somewhere had tried to duplicate the magnificent Oreo cookie with some success. And surely I could just substitute freshly ground whole wheat flour...

A mere Google search later, I had a stack of recipes in hand and was headed for the kitchen.

But a few hours later I was quoting Stonewall Jackson in Gods and Generals: "Ooo, too sweet!" No, these are not Oreo cookies. Not even close. Thankfully, I have a father who thinks nothing can be too sweet. So as soon as he (and most likely the kiddos tomorrow!) finish off my plate of attempted homemade Oreos, I'll move on to the next recipe... And hope for tastier results!


Amelia said...

I don't know if this will help, but Hershey makes a special dark cocoa powder. I bought some by accident a few years ago. The cookies I made from it tasted just like oreos, sans icing, and even left nasty black streaks between our teeth. Just like the real thing! :) I imagine any plain white icing would work. Happy hunting, Beth

Sandy McLarty said...

Oreos from scratch...yum! :) I've been catching up on Kincell family news via The Kincell Family Blog. ...Wish I could sip a cup of tea and visit with you ALL for a few hours! Love you all and think of you often! <3 Sandy